Here at Wanderlust Jetsetter we LOVE to volunteer to those in need. But we especially love animals in need! Our favorite place, Aruba, has a horrible stray problem. Everyday puppies can be found dumped in a box on the side of the road, kittens stranded in bushes, and adult animals getting hit by cars, just to name a few. We wanted to make a difference, and if you are heading to Aruba, we want you to also! 

Ways You Can Help

Packing Supplies In Your Suitcase:

Have some extra space in your suitcase? Packing dog and cat treats, food, toys, flea and tick medicine, collars, leashes, shampoos will go a long way to help keep these animals in good health!

Adoptable Dog Beach Walk:

This one is the sun! Join a beach walk with adoptable dogs! You and a few others will walk the tourist section of Aruba with adoptable dogs. Here you will meet people along the way, explain that these dogs are adoptable, and how simple it is for them to leave the island to find a new home in the US, Canada and even Europe! This is a great way to raise awareness on the stray population in Aruba, something many tourists know nothing about. 

Volunteer Your Time:

Visit the local shelter one morning, set out to trap strays with a rescue group who spay and neuter along with giving the animals medical attention they deserve. Cuddle and play with rambunctious puppies and help clean up the areas they live in. 

Flight Volunteers:

Many of these animals get adopted to the states. There are simply too many strays in the country of Aruba to stay there. Flight volunteers are needed in order to transport these animals! This simple process starts with a rescue group meeting you at the airport with the animal who is on his or her way to their 'furever' home. The paperwork needed to get through customs is provided, along with a carrier, and all supplies needed to get you and your new friend through the travel day. It is very easy, and quite rewarding! 


Adopt your own pet and keep a piece of the happy island with you at home!

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If you are heading to a different location but still interested in volunteering...we have visited orphanages, compiled backpacks for school children, and so much more in countries all over the world. Giving back is very important to Wanderlust Jetsetter and we will be happy to provide ideas for any location!

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